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Each piece of jewelry is customized to your preferred size. To find the perfect size for your Nao Now Jewel, we recommend consulting our sizing guide. If you are unsure of your size, we advise against self-measurements. Instead, you can order the size you believe is correct following the guide, and a complimentary measurement kit will be delivered directly to your doorstep FREE of charge, guaranteeing a perfect fit without the need to leave your home. In any case, our service ensures that you will be personally contacted with each order to guarantee the size is perfect for you.If your size you are looking for is not selectable, choose the closest one and, at checkout, leave a note or send us an email.


We recommend measuring at the end of the day. Avoid taking measurements in extreme weather conditions, both very cold and hot. Keep in mind that the size of the fingers on one hand may not necessarily match those on the other hand. Ensure that the selected size comfortably slides along the entire length of the finger.